soror(icide) . . . in 55 words

we’re sisters until we die,
threats hissed through teeth,
hungry words, famine, dark feast,
she didn’t mean to, so why
we’re only sisters until we die,
trapped, knee over thigh,
hate bites my thin hide,
understand the secrets I keep
we’re only sisters until one of us dies,
I begged nightly it would be me
This is my entry for the dVerse OpenLink prompt tonight, in which we are challenged to write a flashfiction or poem exactly 55 words long.
Please take a moment to read some of the other entries, an eclectic collection in a wide range of styles from my favorite — if only — poetry club. They’re all just 55 words, read all of them.
Tonight we’re also cross-posting to something I’ve never done, called Friday 55.

About Wyeth Bailey

Raging my mid-life crisis. Reclaiming my riot girl youth. Resenting my overdeveloped intellect. Wyeth Bailey is a pseudonym. You may follow me on twitter @DangerousSweets View all posts by Wyeth Bailey

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